Inner Health Classes

Through years of experience mym offers practical classes and workshops on the things in life that matter!

Pelvic Floor & Core, Postural alignment and how to benefit your current workout and living, nutritional discussions and more..

So, why, should we learn to control our pelvic floor? or our core and posture for any matter?

Well, personally I think the words pelvic floor & core say it on their own, but people do ask, and if you are in your head you are the first nor the last.

Your pelvic floor is key to your body's core, posture, functioning and control, when in check it operates automatically. But over time if left alone it becomes slack and then we see the side effects.

If you suffer from:

  • loss of bladder or bowl control through ageing or childbirth.

  • poor posture

  • back ache

  • difficulty in holding on when need to wee

  • difficulty in holding your stomach in

  • or you may experience little or no "pleasure in the bedroom" - for want of better words.

These issues mean your organs can begin to lapse and slack in their function and if you are experiencing any of the above or just want to prevent the above;

then it is time to get your pelvic floor in check and attend one of mym's classes. 

This class gives you the complete and entire understanding and "how to" instructions on working your pelvic floor and maintaining a strong a complete core. It is the foundational class to the rest of the series that will launch over the next few months. 

Taught in a relaxing and calm studio environment there is no more than 6 in each class and a minimum of 3 to ensure there is no overcrowding for this important education.

It is non-invasive all you need to bring is yourself and comfortable clothes - like your gym gear! 

Each participant will receive a FREE copy of mym's quick step reference guide and a beautiful $30.00 massage voucher to be used with mymfit massage or gifted to someone you just know needs a little bit of care.

So... get on board first classes are now open and will book up fast. Click below to go directly to bookings. 


Williamstown. Vic. 3016

(address provided upon booking)


p: 03 8060 9616


Business Hours:
Tue:  1:00pm - 7:00pm

Sat:   1:00pm - 7:00pm


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