Looking for Sports Massage in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs?

As much as we enjoy being outside playing our chosen sports, no matter what they are, there’s always going to be some degree of stress placed on the body. Without the proper attention and rehabilitation, these stresses can quickly turn into injuries. Muscle tightness is a common sports-related affliction, brought on by repeated usage of the body.

Alternatively, the same risks can be said of inactivity. Long periods with little physical moving, such as sitting behind a computer at work, can lead to pains stemming from such as issues as poor postural positioning.

Sports massage is integral way to care for your body to ensure that it performs at its very best when you need to, and then doesn’t cause you any discomfort once it’s over.

When to use sports massage

By their nature, some sports will put more strain on the body than others, and as we are all made different, our muscles’ reception to those strains will vary, as well. Nevertheless, our bodies are just like any piece of sporting equipment in the way that they will only perform at their very best when properly prepared for use. For athletes of all scales and abilities across Atlanta North, Yarraville, Williamstown and Newport, a sports massage before an event will not only maximise your output by ridding your muscles of any debilitating issues, but will also minimise your likelihood of suffering an injury, as you are receiving immediate rehabilitation to a strained muscle group. The more strenuous the activity, the more preparation and after-care is generally required.

Engage in sports massage to keep you at your best

To book a sports massage, or to learn more information about our other massage therapies on offer, including pregnancy massage and deep-tissue massage, near Yarraville, Newport, Williamstown or Altona North, contact Mym Fit today by calling us on 03 8060 9616, sending an email through to info@mymfit.com.au, or by leaving your details on our simple contact form.


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