Massage Your Muscles

The practice of massage has existed amongst humans since our ancient times as far back as 2330 BC and was considered an essential part of medical practice through much of the times up to now. 

With the evolution of massage and different cultural techniques, we are now best able to access all these methods and be able to take advantage of their benefits throughout the world.

Not only will massage assist in the physical pain and ailments it also assists in mental perception and proprioception allowing us to stay within a mindfulness state. Ease of physical and mental stresses have long been recorded for massage therapy. 

Injury recovery and prevention are also two major areas where certain massage techniques are of incredible benefit allowing the body to be in a prepared state for sports or to assist in better recovery of tissue post exercise. 

As a massage therapist it is my aim to be able to not just assist but to inform and educate my clients on how massage in conjunction with each individuals lifestyle will not only improve quality of life but also allow each individual to function at their best. 

Try MymFit as your next massage therapist and make an appointment today. 


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