Your Next Choice for Professional Deep Tissue Massage in Melbourne’s West

Suffering from stiff, aching muscles? Pain in your upper and lower back, tight legs, sore shoulders, or taut in the neck? Deep tissue massage therapy is a process in which slow, firm strokes are applied to an area where scar tissue has become rigid and muscle adhesions (or ‘knots’) have banded together and are causing circulation issues along with pain and inflammation.

The pressure applied needs to be firm to ensure it reaches ‘fascia’, which is the connective tissue surrounding muscles. To avoid further pain, the pressure will begin lighter to prepare the body and warm up the muscles, before more intense force is utilised. Our skilled masseuses will employ a list of techniques in which they use their elbows, knuckles and thumbs to help improve blood flow and reduced pain to our valued customers near Newport, Altona North, Williamstown and Yarraville.

Benefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a highly effective rehabilitation method that can benefit all people across Altona North, Newport, Williamstown and Yarraville. Usually when seeking out its benefits, it will usually be due to a specific issue that is bothering someone. When the injury or problem, such as taut muscle pain, is related to a lack of blood flow or tissue banding together, deep tissue massage can relieve that problem. Many of our customers are sufferers of poor posture, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, general muscle tension throughout the legs and upper and lower back, osteoarthritis and more.

Contact Mym Fit for deep tissue massage therapy

Regardless of their causation, chronic pain and injury can severely dampen the joys in life. By leaving them without treatment, they may be only liable to get worse, and then so will their impact on your way of living. If you are not in need of deep tissue massage, perhaps in need of sports massage or pregnancy massage, contact Mym Fit today to begin the relief from pain. Call us on 03 8060 9616, send an email to, or leave your details on our easy-to-complete contact form.