Welcome to the beginning, welcome to MymFit.
A wellness experience, encompassing years of work and passion. 
Over 10 years ago, a very personal decision was made of mine, to embark on a secret passion.....Health, Wellbeing & Fitness.
At the time I made this decision I was the classic depressed 9-5'er, in a stressed out job, overweight eating unhealthy and not exercising. I could not stand it. This was not me.
My decision was to change and I changed it. Not easy to do but I did. I sought out some alternate ways from the standard "run around the park" mentality to get myself in control of me again. Why? because I wasn't into that. Simple! I wanted more depth to my issues, after all this is my body isn't it? So, I began with and discovered a life changing experience with a single callanetics exercise class here in Melbourne.
Since that day, I just knew that my path and passion was behind health & wellness and how this affects every aspect of our life. We all want to keep in good shape, and understand how exercise, nutrition and therapies affect the body and mind.
One of the keys I found was to understand our make up. Our anatomical alignment and how our hormone health plays a much much bigger role than educated to us. 
This is where I became completely immersed and threw myself into studying the South African Callanetics exercise method a combination of body alignment techniques with intense core and contractual exercises from various methods including pilates and yoga. This then ventured me into specific methods of womens strength training whilst maintaining long lean lines and flexibility. 
Through my own journey of pioneering and taking care of family, It has taken me a little while to stop and be able to smell the roses. To be able to finally now put that amazing use of time spent working, studying and researching; what do we need to keep healthy, I've discovered it's a complete combination of the right exercise techniques, the quality of the exercise not quantity, some patience within myself (I'm sure you can probably relate!), and that exercise is more so a mental challenge than a physical one, and finally to incorporate regular quality massage. 
In 2006 I qualified as a south african callanetics instructor and in 2007 I completed my personal training and fitness certificates. Continuing my studies into spiral dynamics researched and authored by Dr Christian Larson and furthering onto Therapeutic Massage therapy and Diploma of Remedial massage studies. 
I want, to see you not only feel good about yourself but feel confident that you have tools, services and knowledge to take on all you want in life. To acknowledge your physical and mental fitness as connected. 
With this understanding, come and join me on your journey to complete these pieces and bring it all together for a better version of you. 
​Let's truly take that step into our life and own it!  Mym x


Williamstown. Vic. 3016

(address provided upon booking)


p: 03 8060 9616

e: info@mymfit.com.au

Business Hours:
Tue:  1:00pm - 7:00pm

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